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Pension Services

Pension plans enjoy a unique range of tax concessions. Their flexibility allows employers, employees and the self-employed the freedom to create arrangements that provide benefits when they are required.

Company Pension Schemes

We can advise on and arrange schemes for companies and tailor schemes for groups of staff, directors or particular individuals. We also provide advice on other employee benefits including life assurance, healthcare and income replacement schemes.

Individual Arrangements

Insurance Companies, Unit Trust and Investment Groups offer a wide range of pension plans. These are suitable for individual employees, the self-employed and the non-pensioned, who often only wish to save relatively modest amounts. Our pension specialists can advise on a suitable choice.

Self Invested Personal Pensions

These schemes are often the most effective way for the self-employed and directors to provide for their retirement. The investment options are wider than those offered by insurance companies, allowing these schemes to become an effective financial planning vehicle.

Clients can determine the investment strategy they wish to follow and when they may want to retire. We can advise on the most appropriate type of scheme to meet clients' needs.

Greater Retirement Flexibility

As pension legislation changes, it brings with it greater flexibility. It is possible to have much greater control over how and when pension benefits are taken. Planning the most effective and tax-efficient way to take pension benefits requires careful thought and considered advice.

Whatever the requirements, we can help identify the most appropriate and tax-efficient way for clients to use their pension funds to provide a comfortable retirement.