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Wealth Management

Today, the process of managing your wealth can be simple. By using the ILPG Wealth Management Service you can bring your investments together in one place. This sounds simple but it makes a profound difference. It's the logical way to keep track of your investments and will save valuable time. The internet has changed our lives forever. Our solutions work to bring all your financial products such as ISAs, pensions and even savings accounts securely into one place. Together we can review a complete picture of your portfolio, before deciding on the best plan for your future.

Assessing the risks

Before any portfolio recommendations are made, we will carry out a detailed assessment of your attitude to investment risk. For most clients, your risk profile will determine how your funds should be invested. Those who wish to take a more conservative stance with their funds will probably have more funds invested in cash and gilt based securities. Those with a more adventurous stance will probably require more exposure to equity based investments. These views will dictate our portfolio recommendations. We operate a range of specifically tailored risk graded portfolios, to ensure that your funds are invested and continue to be managed in the manner you are comfortable with.

Using the right assets

At the heart of our proposition is the belief that the correct allocation of assets is the key to long term investment returns. Indeed, research suggests that over 90% of the success of an investment is in the correct allocation of assets, based on the degree of investment risk an individual is prepared to accept.

This process provides for three possible conclusions:

Discretionary Management. A risk-graded portfolio, specifically managed by a firm of Discretionary Fund Managers. This provides the opportunity of having experienced professionals actively assessing the individual elements of your portfolio, with investments being bought and sold when deemed appropriate by them.

Passive Investment Strategies. A risk-graded portfolio, specifically constructed using predominantly passive funds which track market indices. This is a cost effective option which ensures your funds are invested in a particular market, with returns based on the performance of the whole of that market.

Bespoke Solutions. A tailored portfolio based on fund selections outside of the Discretionary or Passive portfolios. A more bespoke solution, but still within the parameters of your accepted level of risk. This could include specific requirements such as a target level of income, or ethical considerations.

Should your objectives or requirements change in the future your strategy can be amended to reflect this. For these reasons, we will generally recommend an on-going service proposition to ensure your portfolio remains appropriate.